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Outline of Industry-funded open innovation consotium


 AIST has been conducting R & D for more than 30 years on power electronics element / power converter technology utilizing wide-gap semiconductors typified by SiC (silicon carbide), which is expected as a next generation semiconductor material. In this way, AIST has been aiming to establish next-generation power electronics technology by promoting activities in the areas from material crystals to applied equipments in an integrated system, working together with many companies.
 TPEC is aimed as the best form of "Power-Electronics Open Innovation Platform" expected in Japan, of which AIST had been proposing materialization while widely exchanging opinions with power electronics industries in Japan based on the cooperation so far and research activities in TIA.
 16 companies expressed their participation in TPEC, consisting of variety of business layers from upstream to downstream reflecting the features of our industrial structure in Japan. We had been conducting continuous exchanges of opinions with these companies from July 2011 to March 2012. Based on the results, AIST reached the establishment of TPEC after the system reforms required to realize the function as the innovation research base desired by our Japanese industries.


Overview of TPEC

 The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology [President Ryouji Chubachi] (hereinafter referred as AIST) has established Tsukuba Power-Electronics Constellations (hereinafter referred as TPEC) as industry-funded consortium to promote Power-Electronics Open Innovation using Tsukuba Innovation Area Nano-Technology Hub (hereinafter referred as TIA).
 Power electronics is a field in which industries in Japan maintain its superiority in the global market, and is regarded as one of core research field toward the low carbon-emission society. TPEC is an industry-funded open innovation consortium that is operated in a self-sustaining manner, with research funds mainly supported by global companies related to power electronics. In addition to promoting R&D for industrial applications, developing capable human resources who will lead the next-generation power electronics is also an important mission of TPEC.
 AIST, as one of the core organizations of TIA, has been managing TPEC to promote its open innovation in power electronics. University of Tsukuba, another core organization of TIA, has been promoting human resources development supported by power electronics experts and related universities. (Program of human resources development available from 2013)



 TPEC aims to;

  1.  1. promote original open innovation particular to technologies in Japan,
  2.  2. promote power electronics human resources development using both high level education in
  3.   universities and practical industry researches,

  4.  3. promote management of financially independent hub with members sharing expenses,
  5.  4. promote the general application of power electronics with SiC power semiconductor research as a
  6.   core.

Those industries who agree with the above concepts are welcome to join.

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