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Kakehashi projects in FY2023

We have 41 themes in fiscal year 2023. 17 of these projects are continuing from the previous year and 24 are new.


# Research Title (ENG)
(* for continuing projects from the previous year)
Principal Researcher Name Principal Institution Collaboration SDGs
Medical science / Biotechnology
1 Research for efficient plants breeding by nano-biotechnology Akira Takasu KEK NIMS, U. Tsukuba 2,3,13
2 Establishment of a multidimensional structure analysis platform for molecular dynamics analysis at the cell surface Yoshikazu TANAKA U. Tohoku AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo 3,4,9
3 Research on health monitoring technique to improve personal well-being * Shinya KANO AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 3
4 Development of body dose assessment methods during medical neutron irradiations  Akihiko MASUDA AIST U. Tsukuba 3,9
5 Objective measures to evaluate concentration and immersion  Sunao IWAKI AIST U. Tsukuba -
6 A structural analysis to develop novel medicine by targeting a metabolite sensor Motohiro SEKIYA U. Tsukuba KEK 3
7 Toward Photodynamic Therapy Targeting Cancer Cells Adapted to Hypoxic
Environments: Elucidation of Mechanism of Action and Development of Transport Molecules
Atsuya MOMOTAKE U. Tsukuba NIMS 3
8 Research Study on Potential of Prenylated Phenols for Pharmaceuticals Noriki KUTSUMURA U. Tsukuba AIST 3,9
9 Investigative Research on Aging Control Design for the 100-year life * Tatsuhiro HISATSUNE U. Tokyo AIST 3,9,12
10 Non-invasive diagnosis of immune cells by single-cell Raman measurement Satoshi YAMAGUCHI U. Tokyo U. Tohoku 3,9
11 Development of Filler Material for Retinal Detachment Treatment Using Ultra-Low Viscoelastic Hydrogel Haruka ODA U. Tokyo U. Tsukuba 3
12 Breakthrough in Glaucoma Treatment by Development of a Novel implantable IOP Monitoring Device Shuichiro AOKI U. Tokyo AIST 3
13 Development of intraocular DDS for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration Mitsuru NAITO U. Tokyo U. Tsukuba 3,9
Electronics devices
14 Investigation of high-performance machine learning processing using FPGAs with atomic switches  Toru TSURUOKA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK 7,9
15 Structural design for high performance MEMS actuation  Masaaki ICHIKI AIST U. Tokyo 9,17
16 Demonstration of pixel detector with high radiation tolerant semiconductors Hironori OKUMURA U. Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tohoku 4,7,9
17 Research on Spinel Oxide Thin Films for Spintronics Device Applications Hideto YANAGIHARA U. Tsukuba NIMS, U. Tokyo 7,9
Green / Energy / Environment
18 Investigative research on degradation and recycling of woody lignin * Takayasu Kawasaki KEK AIST 7,9,15
19 Study on recycling cross-linked rubber with biomolecules * Masanobu NAITO NIMS AIST 7,9
20 Heteroatom-doped electrocatalysts with hierarchical porous structure for high-performance fuel cells Hiroya ABE U. Tohoku NIMS 7,9,13
21 Survey research on the development of cultured animal fiber production and processing technology  Yuzo TAKAYAMA AIST U. Tsukuba 9,13
22 Study on liquid hydrogen-cooled ultra-high speed superconducting motors using MgB2 wires II * Yutaka TERAO U. Tokyo AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tohoku 7,9,17
23 Absolute electroluminescence standards for degradation characterization of solar cells with super-long lifetime Hidefumi AKIYAMA U. Tokyo AIST 7,9,13
24 Exploring applications of liquid-cell transmission electron microscopy to soft-materials * Masaki TAKEGUCHI NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK 3,7,9
25 Development of optical detection principle of magnetoelectric-active antiferromagnetic orders Masakazu MATSUBARA U. Tohoku U. Tokyo 9
26 Adsorption state analysis of organic matters impregnated in activated carbon pores by supercritical CO2 Yuta NAKAYASU U. Tohoku NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK 7,12
27 Development of Innovative quantum imaging detector for Neutron Imaging and dark matter search* Shunsuke KUROSAWA U. Tohoku KEK, U. Tokyo 8,9,11
28 Nanoscale imaging of electric and spin properties in high-quality 2D materials* Katsushi HASHIMOTO U. Tohoku NIMS 9
29 Technical Survey on  Enlargement of Multi-organizational XAFS Database for Synchrotron Radiation Research DX* Masasi ISHII NIMS KEK 9
30 Survey of the fast quantum beam imaging for general use * Ichiro YOSHIKAWA U. Tokyo AIST, KEK, U. Tohoku 9,13
31 Highly simplified chemical analysis innovation with non-metal nanoparticles  Keisuke GODA U. Tokyo AIST, U. Tsukuba,    U. Tohoku 3,9,17
Material science/ Processing
32 Fabrication of GaN didoes with positive-bevel edge terminations Takayoshi OSHIMA NIMS U. Tsukuba 9
33 Feasibility Study for Innovative Manufacture of SRF Cavities via Cold Spray Masashi Yamanaka KEK U. Tohoku 7,9
34 Investigation research on industrial application of partially nitrided oxygen-free
carbon-free titanium deposition film *
Kazuhiko Mase KEK AIST, NIMS,    U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 8,9,13
35 Investigation for the advancement of the general-purpose surface-structural-analysis program, 2DMAT II. * Izumi Mochizuki KEK AIST, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 4,7,9
36 Investigation for hydrogen storage capacity of two-dimensional boron chalcogenide materials and novel functional borides * Satoshi NAKANO NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK 7,9,13
37 Investigation towards hot liquid repellent surfaces* Mizuki TENJIMBAYASHI NIMS U. Tokyo 2,7,9
38 Establishing a new glyco-modification technology using infrared free electron laser (IR-FEL)  Kunio KAWANISHI U. Tsukuba KEK 9,17
39 Research on Advanced Fiber Placement (AFP) Technology for Developing Huge and Ultra-light weight Type 5 Fuel Tank  Nobuhiro YOSHIKAWA U. Tokyo AIST, U. Tsukuba,    U. Tohoku 9
Basic research
40 Construction of The Big Data for Natural Products to Find New Medicines and Functional Foods Tomoya SUGAI U. Tsukuba AIST 3,9
41 Formation, evolution, and decay mechanisms of isolated molecules Shigeo TOMITA U. Tsukuba AIST, KEK -

AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
U. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba
U. Tokyo: University of Tokyo
U. Tohoku: Tohoku University


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