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Kakehashi projects in FY2022

We have 52 themes in fiscal year 2022. 17of these projects are continuing from the previous year and 35 are new.


  Research Title (ENG)
(* for continuing projects from the previous year)
Principal Researcher Name Principal Institution Collaborators SDGs
Medical science / Biotechnology
1 Investigative Research on Aging Design for the 100-year life Tatsuhiro Hisatsune U. Tokyo AIST 3,9,11
2 Study on monitoring technique to improve personal well-being Shinya Kano AIST

NIMS, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku

3 Establishment of innovative in vitro method to assess biodegradation behavior for
biomedical alloys*
Yoshimichi Imai U. Tohoku NIMS 3,9
4 Long-term monitoring of plant health by small sensors Koichiro Miyamoto U. Tohoku U. Tokyo 2,9,15
5 Revealing dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 related proteins toward applications to drug discovery* Yasuteru Shigeta U. Tsukuba AIST, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku -
6 Enhanced chemoradiotherapy with prolonged drug treatment using FiberMesh* Yoshitaka Matsumoto U. Tsukuba NIMS 3
7 Development of highly functionalized alumina absorbent for 99Mo/99mTc generators* Kentaro Hatano U. Tsukuba NIMS 3,9
8 Clarifying the needs for self-monitoring and support network system of postpartum mental health management using mobile applications Hisayo Okayama U. Tsukuba U. Tokyo 3
9 Improving the immunostimulatory activity of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides by mediating the guanine-quadruplexes topology* Tomohiko Yamazaki NIMS U. Tsukuba 3
10 Promotion of medical-engineering collaboration for the establishment of rapid inspection techniques on virus infection risk* Takashi Fukuda AIST U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo 3,8,9
11 Research for efficient plants breeding by nano-biotechnology Ko Shinoda KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba 2,3,13
Electronics devices
12 TIA cooperation study of high-function organic-inorganic spin electronics Kazuhiro Marumoto U. Tsukuba AIST, NIMS 7,9
13 Fundamental Study for Group-IV Optoelectronic Devices Ryo Matsumura NIMS AIST 9
14 Carrier transport mechanism in molecular heterointerfaces unveiled by operando analysis for high-performance organic p-n junction transistors Ryoma Hayakawa NIMS U. Tsukuba, KEK 9
15 Novel quantum phenomena and quantum device applications in ZnO nano structures* Akihiro Otsuka U. Tohoku NIMS 9
16 Research on development of spinel oxide thin films for spintronics devices Hideto Yanagihara U. Tsukuba NIMS, U. Tokyo 7,9
17 A basic study on test structures of sensing actuator integration for a well-being society* Yuki Okamoto AIST U. Tokyo 3,7,9,11
18 Survey on the trade-off between withstand voltage and heat dissipation of ultra-high voltage packages for power devices II* Hiroshi Sato AIST U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo 7,9
19 Fabrication and evaluation of Si oxide films with cage-shape TMOS precursor molecules Misako Morota AIST NIMS -
20 Forming Collaborative Research Alliance for Integration of Frontier Materials into LSI Circuits* Takeo Matsuki AIST U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 8,9,17
21 Research of Re-Definition and Extension of Advanced Atomic layer processes Shinji Migita AIST NIMS, U. Tokyo 9
22 Establishment of a platform to promote collaboration in the WITH COVID-19 Era Tsuyoshi Minami U. Tokyo AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tohoku 9
23 Study for highly functional ASICs with fine printing technologies Tetsuichi Kishishita KEK AIST 9
GREEN / energy / environment
24 Development of functional multi-component materials and their application to tackling energy and environmental problems* Takahiko Kojima U. Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK 6,7,9,13
25 Investigation on water treatment membrane materials for overall removal of PPCPs Ou Seimei AIST NIMS 3,6,9
26 Study on liquid hydrogen-cooled ultra-high speed superconducting motors using MgB2 wires Yutaka Terao U. Tokyo AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tohoku 7,9,17
27 Investigative research on degradation and recycling of woody lignin Takayasu Kawasaki KEK AIST 7,9,15
28 Study on recycling cross-linked rubber with biomolecules Masanobu Naito NIMS AIST 7,9,14
29 Development of characterization techniques using positron annihilation and atom probe tomography for back-end-of-line-process related materials Akira Uedono U. Tsukuba AIST, NIMS 9
30 Investigative Study of FPGA-based Optic Sensing System* Yoichi Igarashi KEK AIST, KEK, U. Tsukuba 9
31 Survey of the fast quantum beam imaging for general use Ichiro Yoshikawa U. Tokyo AIST, KEK, U. Tohoku 9,13
32 Technical Survey on Construction of Multi-organizational XAFS Database for Synchrotron Radiation Research DX Masashi Ishii NIMS KEK 9
33 Development of Innovative quantum imaging detector Shunsuke Kurosawa U. Tohoku KEK, U. Tokyo 9,11,12
34 Nanoscale imaging of electric and spin properties in high-quality 2D materials Katsuyuki Hashimoto U. Tohoku NIMS 9,11
35 Demonstration of pixel detector with high radiation tolerant semiconductors Hironori Okumura U. Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tohoku 7,9
36 Exploring applications of liquid-cell transmission electron microscopy to softmaterials Masaki Takeguchi NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK 3,9,12
37 Visualization of quantum physical properties in superconducting radiofrequency cavity* Shuichi Ooi NIMS KEK, U. Tohoku 9
38 Helium ion microscopy-based AEMS/NEMS operando profiling technology with the ultra-high spatial resolution Reo Kometani U. Tokyo AIST 9
39 Feasibility study on dose monitoring and dose distribution at a high-intensity proton accelerator Yoshinori Hashimoto KEK AIST 9,12,17
Material science/ processing
40 Investigation for hydrogen storage capacity of two-dimensional boron chalcogenide materials and novel functional borides Satoshi Nakano NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK 7,9,13
41 Synthesis and structural analysis of hydrogen boride-related materials with three-dimensional structure* Takahiro Kondo U. Tsukuba NIMS 7,9,13
42 Investigation towards hot liquid repellent surfaces Mizuki Tenjimbayashi NIMS U. Tokyo 2,7,9
43 Construction of the framework of multi-scale structure analysis methods for data-driven polymer materials development Takumi Ono AIST NIMS 7,9,11
44 Strengthening of a collaborative platform for improving the properties of hightemperature superconductors by controlling chemical compositions* Shigeyuki Ishida AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 7,9
45 Substitution design and microstructure control for improving the performance of AlN-based piezoelectric materials Kenji Hirata AIST NIMS 7, 9
46 Research on Fiber Steering Composite Technology* Nobuhiro Yoshikawa U. Tokyo AIST, U. Tsukuba 9
47 Investigation research on industrial application of partially nitrided oxygen-free
carbon-free titanium deposition film
Kazuhiko Mase KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 8,9,13
48 Investigation for the advancement of the general-purpose surface-structuralanalysis programme, 2DMAT Izumi Mochizuki KEK U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 9
Basic research
49 Experimental and theoretical study on neutron production from accelerator* Hiroshi Iwase KEK AIST, U. Tohoku 7,9
50 Space life science research to predict the future of life on and beyond Earth Masafumi Muratani U. Tsukuba U. Tohoku 3,9,15
51 Performance improvement of superconducting radio-frequency cavity based on measurement of quasiparticle density of states Hayato Ito KEK NIMS 9
52 Application of magnetic shielding and ambient magnetic field measurements to Cosmic Microwave Background measurement Ryuichi Ueki KEK NIMS, U. Tokyo 7,9,14

AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
U. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba
U. Tokyo: University of Tokyo
U. Tohoku: Tohoku University


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