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Kakehashi projects in FY2021

We have 51 themes in fiscal year 2021. 21 of these projects are continuing from the previous year and 30 are new.


  Research Title (ENG)
(* for continuing projects from the previous year)
Principal Researcher Name Principal Institution Collaboratiors SDGs
Medical science / biotechnology
1 New design of total synthetic artificial erythrocyte Yuji Teramura AIST U. Tokyo 3
2 A study of how to determine the "health deviation value" of the lab tests for each patient  (*) Masanori Shiro AIST U. Tsukuba 3,4
3 Interdisciplinary collaboration for a development of rapid inspection technique on virus infection risk Takashi Fukuda AIST U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo 3,8,9
4 Feasibility of neural decoding of emotional categories and its clinical application  (*) Narihisa Matsumoto AIST U. Tsukuba 2,9,11
5 Analysis of host-symbiont interaction to elucidate the mechanism of anti-pathogen defense system Yuko Takagi AIST U. Tsukuba 3,15
6 Improving the immunostimulatory activity of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides by mediating the G-quadruplexes topology Tomohiko Yamazaki NIMS U. Tsukuba 3
7 Visualization of the stress reaction accompanying 20 years-old generation woman's menstrual cycle-Multiple assessment by an autonomic-nerves balance estimate, stress hormone, and subjective symptoms-  (*) Okayama Hisayo University of Tsukuba AIST 3
8 Introduction of human iPS cell-derived peripheral neurons into plastic surgery fields Yoichiro Shibuya University of Tsukuba AIST 3,8,9
9 Establishment of universal system to induce and select differentiated cells for regenerative medicine and drug discovery Ken Nishimura University of Tsukuba AIST 3
10 Development and validation of a nanofiber mesh to enhance chemoradiation therapy for refractory cancer Yoshitaka Matsumoto University of Tsukuba NIMS 3,9
11 Unrevealing dynamics of Covid-19 related proteins by combined theoretical and experimental research. Yasuteru Shigeta University of Tsukuba AIST, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 3,9
12 Sustainable Agriculture: 4D odor sensor for plant virus disease early detection Natsuko Kinoshita University of Tsukuba NIMS, U. Tokyo 2,7,9
13 Novel method for plant gene editing by combining organic and silicon nanomaterials with protein engineering  (*) Shinoda Akira KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba 2,3,13
14 Application research of hardware platform for ingestible sensor Shinya Yoshida University of Tohoku AIST, U. Tsukuba -
15 Establishment of innovative in vitro method to assess biodegradation behavior for biomedical alloys Yoshimichi Imai University of Tohoku NIMS 3,9,17
Electronics / devices
16 Survey on the trade-off between withstand voltage and heat dissipation of ultra-high voltage packages for power devices Hiroshi Sato AIST U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo 7,9
17 Forming Collaborative Research Alliance for Integration of Frontier Materials into LSI Circuits Takeo Matsuki AIST U. Tsukuba, U. Tohoku 8,9,17
18 Development of MgB2 wires for superconducting magnet without liquid He II  (*) Yoshiyuki Yoshida AIST NIMS, KEK, U. Tohoku 7,9
19 A basic study on integrated sensing actuators for a well-being society  Yuki Okamoto AIST U. Tokyo 3,7,9
20 Search of potential problems for realization of semiconductor nanowires  (*) Yuta Saito AIST NIMS -
21 Construction of a collaborative platform for improving the properties of high-temperature superconductors by controlling chemical compositions Shigeyuki Ishida AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 7,9
22 Survey research and promotion on the integration and packaging technology for high-performance IoT sensing systems based on the low-temperature hybrid bonding method at atmospheric pressure  (*) Masaaki Ichiki AIST NIMS 9
23 Approach of development of Atomic Layer Process (ALP) technology using data science Toshihide Nabatame NIMS AIST, U. Tokyo -
24 TIA cooperation study of organic-inorganic spin electronics  (*) Kazuhiro Marumoto University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS 7,9
25 Microbial activity electrochemical sensor (*) Tsujimura Seiya University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS 6,7,9
26 Wide-field collaboration platform for emerging electronics creation  (*) Masaya Miyahara KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 9
27 Investigative Study of FPGA-based Optic Sensing System Kazuki Ueno KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba 9
28 Novel quantum phenomena and quantum device applications in ZnO nano structures Tomohiro Otsuka University of Tohoku NIMS 9
GREEN / energy / environment
29 Research survey on the chemical recycle of crosslinked rubbers Yasunori Minami AIST KEK 9,12,14
30 Study in production of chemical feedstock from the novel storage lipids of the microalgae Iwane Suzuki University of Tsukuba AIST 7,9,13
31 Fuel cell system in energy device and mitochondria  (*) Nakamura Junji University of Tsukuba NIMS, KEK 7,9,13
32 Fabrication of vdW superlattice heterostructures and investigation of its IR photodetector application Toshitaka Kubo AIST U. Tohoku 3,9,13
33 Design studies of compact, energy-efficient accelerator technology for production of advanced particle beams for industrial use Nagayasu Oshima AIST KEK 9
34 High radiation tolerant semiconductor detector for radioactive isotope beam  (*) Masataka Imura NIMS AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U.Tohoku 7,9,17
35 Visualization of quantum physical properties in superconducting radiofrequency cavity Shuuichi Ooi NIMS KEK, U. Tohoku 9
36 Research of analysis methods for point defects in super wide-bandgap semiconductors  (*) Uedono Akira University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tohoku 9
37 Experimental and theoretical study on neutron production from accelerator Hiroshi Iwase KEK AIST, U. Tohoku -
38 Investigation for the sophistication of the analysis of positron diffraction data II  (*) Izumi Mochizuki KEK U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 9
39 Application of superconducting technology to Cosmic Microwave Background measurement Kensei Umemori KEK NIMS, U. Tokyo 7,9
40 Development of Advanced Neutron Imaging Sensors and Survey of Needs for Industrial/Academic Use Toshinobu Miyoshi KEK U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 4,9
41 Development of a high-efficiency charged particle detector for extinction monitor Tetsuichi
42 Development of the high efficient detector for plasma and photons in the wide energy range  (*) Ichiro Yoshikawa University of Tokyo AIST, KEK 9,12
Material science/ processing
43 Mechanically strong nanofiber-based aerogels for thermal management materials Gen Hayase NIMS AIST 7
44 Development of highly functionalized alumina absorbent for 99Mo/99mTc generators  (*) Kentaro Hatano University of Tsukuba NIMS 3,7
45 Development of functional multi-component materials and their application to tackling energy and environmental problems  Takahiko Kojima  University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK 7,9,13
46 Synthesis and structural analysis of hydrogen boride-related materials Takahiro Kondo University of Tsukuba NIMS 7,9,13
47 Investigation research on industrial application of titanium deposited film by ultra-high vacuum sublimation method  (*) Kazuhiko Mase KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku 8,9,13
48 Research on Fiber Steering Composite Technology Nobuhiro YOSHIKAWA University of Tokyo AIST 9
49 Research on fine interconnect materials using materials informatics  (*) Hiroaki Honjo University of Tohoku NIMS 7,9,17
Basic research
50 An investigation on ensuring the reliability of accelerometers for monitoring buildings during long-period earthquakes  (*) Hideaki Nozato AIST U. Tokyo 9,11
51 Remote Medical ultrasound by Telexistence Remote Assist  (*) Eimei Oyama AIST U. Tokyo -

AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
U. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba
U. Tokyo: University of Tokyo
U. Tohoku: Tohoku University


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