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Kakehashi projects in FY2020

We have 52 themes in fiscal year 2020. 14 of these projects are continuing from the previous year and 38 are new.


  Research Title (ENG)
(* for continuing projects from the previous year)
Principal Researcher Name Principal Institution Collaboratiors
Medical science / biotechnology
1 Accurate quantification and modeling of immune repertoire. Yutaro KUMAGAI AIST U. Tokyo
2 A study of how to determine the "normal range" of the lab tests for each patient Masanori SHIRO AIST U. Tsukuba
3 Development of platform technology for exosome analysis (*) Katsuo MOGI AIST U. Tokyo
4 Spatiotemporal control of neovascularization by acoustic wave Nobuhito MORI AIST U. Tokyo
5 Feasibility of neural decoding of emotional categories and its clinical application. Narihisa MATSUMOTO AIST U. Tsukuba
6 Investigation of eco-friendly methods to control agricultural pests and infectious disease vectors Yuko TAKAGI AIST U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
7 Establishment of research field for intra/inter-cellular energy coupling that is fundamental for multicellular organisms (*) Toshiya SENDA KEK AIST, U. Tokyo
8 Development of nano-pickel for plant gene editing technology to accelerate breeding Koh SHINODA KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba
9 Platform for analysis of protein structure dynamics in atomic resolution using Cryo-EM (*) Atsushi KAWAGUCHI University of Tsukuba AIST, KEK, U. Tokyo
10 Development of capsule endoscopes for pinpointed visual inspection (*) Nobuhiro OHKOHCHI University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, U. Tokyo
11 Evaluation of correlation between autonomic nervous and maternal depressive symptoms Hisayo OKAYAMA University of Tsukuba AIST
12 Application of wearable devices in telemedicine for stroke patients (*) Hideo TSURUSHIMA University of Tsukuba AIST
13 Development of novel DDS and selective cancer treatment method using a combination of RF waves and thermosensitive liposomes containing Yoshitaka MATSUMOTO University of Tsukuba AIST
14 Clinicopathological study to establish a new glyco-histological marker of renal cell carcinoma in end-stage renal disease (*) Kunio KAWANISHI University of Tsukuba AIST
Electronics / devices
15 Development of MgB2 wires for superconducting magnet without liquid He Yoshiyuki YOSHIDA AIST NIMS, KEK
16 Feasibility study of wafer scall 3C-SiC crystals on foreign substrates (*) Hiroyuki SAZAWA AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba
17 Feasibility study on novel material installation for semiconductor devices  Yuta SAITO AIST NIMS
18 Wide-field collaboration platform for emerging electronics creation Kazuhiro IKEDA AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku
19 Advanced processing technology of silicon vertically curved surface optical coupler Kazuya YOSHIDA AIST U. Tohoku
20 Survey research and promotion on the integration and packaging technology for high-performance IoT sensing systems based on the low-temperature hybrid bonding method at atmospheric pressure Masaaki ICHIKI AIST NIMS
21 Research survey on the energy havestor for IoT sensing system NguyenThanh-Vinh AIST U. Tokyo
22 Toward realization of ultimate high band width image sensor Ikuo KURACHI KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
23 Development of Semiconductor Pixel Detectors with high Radiation-tolerance (*) Tetsuichi KISHISHITA KEK AIST
24 High radiation tolerant detector for radioactive isotope beam Masataka IMURA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tohoku
25 Investigative Study of FPGA-based direct computation for optic sensors (*) Yoshiki YAMAGUCHI University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tokyo
26 TIA cooperation study of organic-inorganic spin electronics Kazuhiro MARUMOTO University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS
27 Microbial activity electrochemical sensor Seiya TSUJIMURA University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, U. Tokyo
28 Development of high power high-Tc superconducting teraherts emitters and its spectroscopic applications Takanari KASHIWAGI University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku
GREEN / energy / environment
29 Research on antiferromagnet/MgO/nonmagnetic junctions for high-density spin memory Yoshiaki SAITO University of Tohoku U. Tsukuba
30 Fuel cell system in energy device and mitochondria Junji NAKAMURA University of Tsukuba NIMS, KEK
31 Feasibility study of tertiary battery Hiroshi MORITOMO University of Tsukuba NIMS
32 Developments of operando measurements to elucidate the flow chemistry Satoshi HINOKUMA AIST KEK
33 Radiation-Dose Calculation by Full Monte-Carlo Simulation Combined with Deep Learning Yuichiro MORISHITA AIST KEK, U. Tohoku
34 Investigation for the Sophistication of the Analysis of Positron Diffraction Data Izumi MOCHIZUKI KEK AIST, U. Tokyo
35 Research of defect evaluation methods for BN by means of positron annihilation and cathodoluminescence Akira UEDONO University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, U. Tohoku
36 Investigation for the establishment for international standard measurement method for neutron in BNCT (*) Hiroaki KUMADA University of Tsukuba AIST
37 Development of the high efficient detector for plasma and photons in the wide energy range Ichiro YOSHIKAWA University of Tokyo AIST, KEK
38 Feasibility study for development of innovative ocean bottom pressure monitoring system for the advanced sea-floor monitoring technique Yusaku OTA University of Tohoku AIST, U. Tokyo
39 Novel temperature sensors using single crystal metal wires Akira YOSHIKAWA University of Tohoku AIST, U. Tokyo
Material science / processing
40 Innovative Ceramic Coating Process by Space Propulsion Plasma Kentaro SHINODA AIST U. Tsukuba
41 Investigation research on industrial application of titanium deposited film by ultra-high vacuum sublimation method Kazuhiko MASE KEK NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku
42 Exploration of high-performance asphalts irradiated with electron beams (*) Hideaki TAKAGI KEK AIST
43 Study on Nb3Sn thin film formation for compact superconducting accelerator Kensei UMEMORI KEK NIMS, U. Tohoku
44 Development of highly functionalized alumina absorbent for 99Mo/99mTc generators Katsuhiko ARIGA NIMS U. Tsukuba
45 Cutting-edge Simulation/Experimental Approach towards New Horizon of Electrode Process Science (*) Ken SAKAUSHI NIMS U. Tokyo
46 Research for magnetization control by electric fields using epitaxial magnetic ferrites (*) Hiroaki SUKEGAWA NIMS U. Tsukuba
47 Fabrication of novel metastable materials by controlling topology under extreme conditions (*) Shinji KOHARA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo, U. Tohoku
48 Study on Porous Engineering Plastics for Thermal Insulation Sadaki SAMITSU NIMS AIST
49 Research on fine interconnect materials using materials informatics Hiroaki HONJO University of Tohoku NIMS
Basic research
50 An investigation on ensuring the reliability of accelerometers for monitoring buildings during long-period earthquakes Hideaki NOZATO AIST U. Tohoku
51 Research and investigation of thermal interfaces for cryogenic systems Tsuyoshi SHIMAZAKI AIST KEK
52 Telexistence Remote Assist System Using Optical See-through HMD Eimei OYAMA AIST U. Tokyo

AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
U. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba
U. Tokyo: University of Tokyo
U. Tohoku: Tohoku University