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Kakehashi projects in FY2019

We have 52 themes in fiscal year 2019. 23 of these projects are continuing from the previous year and 29 are new.


  Research Title (ENG)
(* for continuing projects from the previous year)
Principal Researcher Name Principal Institution Collaboratiors
Medical science / biotechnology
1 Research on wearable pH sensor system using a mobile phone app for health care ZHANG Lan AIST U. Tsukuba
2 Investigation of the role of S-Adenosylmethionine in tissue aging Masakazu NAMIHIRA AIST U. Tsukuba
3 Clinical application of an EEG-based cognitive assesment (*) Ryohei HASEGAWA AIST U. Tsukuba
4 Immuno-radiotherapy Sensitization using Targeting Gold Nanoparticles Masaki MISAWA AIST U. Tsukuba
5 Development of platform technology for exosome analysis Katsuo MOGI AIST U. Tokyo
6 Development of active autonomous capsule endoscope Nobuhiro OHKOHCHI University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, U. Tokyo
7 Platform for analysis of protein structure dynamics in atomic resolution using CryoEM Atsushi KAWAGUCHI University of Tsukuba AIST, KEK, U. Tokyo
8 Clinical investigation for new glyco-biomarkers of renal cell carcinoma in dialysis patients using NGS genomics and glycoproteomics Kunio KAWANISHI University of Tsukuba AIST
9 Application of sensing technology for the patients with stroke (*) Hideo TSURUSHIMA University of Tsukuba AIST
10 Investigation for the development of the high accuracy dose estimation system in BNCT Hiroaki KUMADA University of Tsukuba AIST
11 Research on the mechanism of heterosis in Brassicaceae and its social implementation (*) Hiroshi SHIBA University of Tsukuba AIST, U. Tokyo
12 Elucidation and application of lipid-mediated coupling of intra- and inter-cellular energy metabolism Toshiya SENDA KEK AIST, U. Tokyo
13 Research studies on the disease-detection biological sensor using a novel ‘memory-type’ fluorescent probe Moritoshi SATO University of Tokyo AIST
Electronics / devices
14 Measurement system of nanometer-aerosol for future device manufacturing (*) Hiroshi ITOH AIST U. Tsukuba
15 Feasibility study of low dislocation 3C-SiC crystals on Si substrates Hiroyuki SAZAWA AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba
16 Feasibility study of ultrasonic application by using highly densely aggregated ceramics Muneyasu SUZUKI AIST U. Tokyo
17 Observation technology of wet material by transmission electron microscopy Masayoshi NAGAO AIST NIMS
18 Launch of wearable healthcare device R&D (*) Hirotada HIRAMA AIST U. Tokyo
19 Research on UV-Vis optical device applications based on Ga2O3 semiconductor (*) Hideyuki WATANABE AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba
20 Survey research on the integrated MEMS magnetic sensor of high sensitivity and high reliability based on photonics (*) LIAO Meiyong NIMS AIST
21 Analyses and accurate design of molecular heterointerface Yutaka WAKAYAMA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
22 High radiation tolerant detector based on semiconductors (*) Masataka IMURA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK
23 Development of spin-filter type magneto-resistive devices using epitaxial magnetic ferrites Hiroaki SUKEGAWA NIMS U. Tsukuba
24 Investigative research of improved super-wide band LED Takashi TAKEDA NIMS AIST
25 Sophisticated real-time edge computing on an FPGA-based development platform (*) Yosiki YAMAGUCHI University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tokyo
26 Feasibility study of 3D integrated sensor for quantum beam imaging (*) Ikuo KURACHI KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
27 Survey toward a new research field in a next-generation electronics (*) Manabu TOGAWA KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
GREEN / energy / environment
28 Material development for tertiary battery (*) Yutaka MORITOMO University of Tsukuba AIST
29 Development of functional multi-component materials toward solving energy and environmental problems (*) Takahiko KOJIMA University of Tsukuba AIST, KEK
30 Innovation of Pt-free carbon catalysts for fuel cells (*) Junji NAKAMURA University of Tsukuba NIMS, KEK, U. Tokyo
31 Feasibility study of dose monitoring around a high-intensity proton accelerator Hidetoshi YAMAGUCHI AIST KEK
32 Study on Quantum Effects in Microscopic Electrode Processes Ken SAKAUSHI NIMS U. Tokyo
33 Survey on plasma-induced surface catalytic reactions Mitsunori KURAHASHI NIMS AIST
34 Technical Study for Semiconductor Pixel Detectors with High Radiation-tolerance Tetsuichi KISHISHITA KEK AIST
35 Research for the implementation of neutron microscope  Toshinobu MIYOSHI KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tokyo
36 Investigation for the sophistication of low-energy positron diffraction (LEPD) Toshio HYODO KEK AIST
37 Study on characterization of high-energy secondary particle irradiation fields (*) Toshiya SANAMI KEK AIST
38 Study on basic technology and application for the generation of the world's highest intensity vacuum ultraviolet light  Shuichi HASEGAWA University of Tokyo AIST, KEK
Material science / processing
39 Study for diverting high-quality positron beam technology to common facilities (*) Nagayasu OSHIMA AIST KEK, U. Tokyo
40 Feasibility study of electromagnetic shielding effect using CNT composite sheet Katsuya KIKUCHI AIST U. Tsukuba, KEK
41 Tsukuba-Kashiwa-Hongo Superconductivity Kakehashi Project (*) Taichi TERASHIMA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
42 Establishment of the concept of topology and its control in disordered materials Shinji KOHARA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
43 Investigative research on high-pressure structures and properties in boride and nitride related materials for designing of functional materials (*) Hitoshi YUSA NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
44 Development of new shape of coated conductors Nobuya BANNO NIMS AIST
45 Survey of operationalization and mass production of 3D nanoporous graphene Yoshikazu ITO University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, U. Tokyo
46 TIA Collaboration for International Research Consortium on Optical Materials and Technologies (*) Yohei YAMAMOTO University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK
47 Study and application of central-dogma in high temperature superconductors (*) Takanari KASHIWAGI University of Tsukuba AIST, NIMS, KEK, U. Tokyo
48 Innovation of vacuum technology by nonevaporable getter coating (*) Kazuhiko MASE KEK AIST, NIMS, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
49 Exploration of high-performance asphalts irradiated with electron beams Hideaki TAKAGI KEK AIST
50 Construction of cooperatives for development of atomic layer processing technologies utilizing data science (*) Yukihiro SHIMOGAKI University of Tokyo AIST, NIMS
Basic research
51 Monitoring environmental changes and disasters using small satellites operated by Kashiwa receiving antennas Ichiro YOSHIKAWA University of Tokyo AIST
52 Innovation in materials analysis by data assimilation of simulation and measurement (*) Shinji TODO University of Tokyo NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK

AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
U. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba
U. Tokyo: University of Tokyo
U. Tohoku: Tohoku University