TIA will put on an exhibition at nano tech 2020. This page will be updated with additional details of the exhibition.

nano tech 2020:
Jan 29- 31, 2020  10:00-17:00 
Tokyo Big Sight, West Exhibition 1,2

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Information of the exhibition(updated on 2019.11.15)

1. Overview of TIA

Video, posters, a brochure, etc. 


2. R&D at TIA and results

  • NanoBridge devices
  • Photonics
Power electronics
Biotechnology/medical care


3. TIA collaborative research program "Kakehashi"

The "Kakehashi" program promotes small scale collaboration with researchers among 5 organizations of TIA, aiming to expand collaboration with external institutions and industries. Many projects of FY 2018 succeeded in acquiring large external funds. Seminars and workshops are being held in order for enhancing and expanding collaboration. 


4. Other services of TIA

Open research facilities
  1. The world's largest open facility base with more than 500 research equipments, from the large synchrotron radiation facility to a demonstration and evaluation foundry 
  2. Matching wide varieties of user's needs, from micro- and nano-fabrication, and synthesis of molecules, to microstructure analysis at sub-nanometer level 
  3. Enhanced support not only by varieties of equipment but also by skilled operators


Human resorce development

TIA has many state-of-the-art shared facilities, and a large number of researchers with advanced knowledge gather at TIA. TIA makes use of such an ideal environment for fostering researchers and engineers with global perspectives.

We are offering several human resource development programs, among which is a CUPAL training course called a N.I.P. (Nanotech Innovation Professional) course. The N.I.P. courses aim to train professionals who lead innovation creation. They are particularly suitable for researchers and engineers in private companies, and are offered at a reasonable cost.