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Light/quantum measurement

We lead the world in pioneering academic research for elucidating the origins of the universe and the roots of substance and life, using cutting-edge light/quantum sensing technologies with large accelerators. Under the light/quantum measurement platform "TIA-ACCELERATE", we have set up three open collaboration venues called “Squares", so that the five core institutes of TIA are mobilizing their advanced light/quantum sensing technologies, aiming to create new scientific fields and industries.

Innovation of light and quantum beam generation and sensing technologies,
and advancement of their applied research

The three Squares are respectively designed to carry out the following: development of high-performance light and quantum beam generation technologies; development of high-sensitivity, high-precision and high-resolution light and quantum detectors and advanced sensing technologies; and research for elucidating the origins of material functions and fundamental development of new functional materials by using newly developed light and quantum sensing technologies.


Development of compact, lightweight and portable light and
quantum beam sources installable in research and industrial settings

Electrostatic ion storage ring

The Square aims to create accelerators that are more high-performance, compact and energysaving overall, through such means as transferring the technology for development of large accelerators and adopting SiC power semiconductors. The Square will also create new “artisan” tools to be used in research and industrial settings, and intends to expand the use of light/quantum beam sources (X-ray, neutron and muon sources) employing compact accelerators.

Leading research

  • Development of a next-generation power electronics application system
  • Development of ultra-high-speed and high-voltage pulsed power supply for a compact accelerator

Development of high-sensitivity, high-precision and high-resolution detectors and establishment of innovative sensing technologies

『Silicon-On-Insulator pixel detector』の画像
Silicon-On-Insulator pixel detector

The Square develops new high-sensitivity, high-performance and high-resolution detectors such as superconductive detectors and Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) detectors. Innovation will be achieved in sensing and diagnostic technologies in diverse fields from fundamental physics research and medical research to infrastructure diagnosis applying cosmic rays, radiation and quantum beams generated by accelerators (e.g., technologies for imaging large structures applying cosmic ray muons).

Exploration of the origins of material functions and fundamental development of new structural and functional materials

Superconducting X-ray detector for X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy (SC-XAFS)

The Square promotes fundamental physical property research for exploring the origins of material functions through application of light and quantum beams. By directly linking research laboratories using light and quantum beams and laboratories developing materials, fundamental research and development will be accelerated in the fields of "structural materials", "electronics materials" and "environment and energy materials" where the emergence of world-leading new materials is expected.


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