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Kakehashi projects in FY2018

Forty seven projects in FY2018 include 26 continuing from FY2017.


Each project's title written in English is linked to its postor. Posters are mostly in Japanese but some contain abstracts in English.

No. Title(* for continuing projects) Primary researcher Primary organization Collaborators
Medical science / biotechnology
1 High performance biosensor interface materials by plasma processing S. KUROSAWA AIST U. Tokyo
2 Connecting micro and macro for novel biology (*) W. Taleuchi AIST U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
3 Development of an EEG-based Cognitive Assessment (*) R. Hasegawa AIST U. Tsukuba
4 Isolation of multivesicular endosomes containing exosomes from living cells by nanoneedles (*) T. Yamazaki NIMS AIST
5 The antioxidant effect of ultrafine bubble involves cancer cellular cytotoxicity H. Kurokawa U.Tsukuba U. Tokyo
6 CNTとMEMS技術のソフトアクチュエータ搭載型調節可能眼内レンズへの応用 三橋 俊文 筑波大 AIST
7 Research on the mechanism of heterosis in Brassicaceae and its social implementation H. Shiba U.Tsukuba AIST, U. Tokyo
8 Study to improve the efficiency of medical careby integrating the information of the patient H. Tsurushima U.Tsukuba AIST
9 Functional analysis of unsaturated fatty acids in brown adipocytes by label-free Raman imaging (*) A. Fukuda U.Tsukuba U. Tokyo
10 Practice of bioeconomy by mass culture of algal biotechnology 3,000 strains and functional use of non-edible biomass (*) S. Kawano U.Tokyo AIST, U. Tsuuba
Electronics / devices
11 Investigation of measurement techniques for detecting nanoparticles H. Itoh AIST U. Tsukuba
12 From the emergence to breakdown in HfO2 ferroelectric thin films (*) S. Migita AIST NIMS
13 Joint FPGA Platform Development Toward Trillion Sensing Era (*) H. Koike AIST U. Tsukuba, KEK
14 Investigative Study for Creating Research Field of Next-Generation Electronics W. Mizubayashi AIST NIMS, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
15 Survey on application of graphene and related two-dimensional materials M. Hasegawa AIST U. Tsukuba
16 Paper devices that stimulates senses of touch, sight, and hearing (*) N. Fukuda AIST U. Tsukuba
17 Launch of wearable healthcare project in KASHIWA H. Hirama AIST U. Tokyo
18 Highly stable radiation photodetector based on semiconductors M. Imura NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK
19 Studies of the topological insulator for future applications Y. Imanaka NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba
20 Epitaxial growth of β-Ga2O3 for device application M. Tachiki NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba
21 Integrated photonic MEMS Sensor/Actuator M. Liao NIMS AIST
22 Study of an accelerator power supply using the SiC-MOSFET F. Naito KEK AIST
23 3D Stacking Image Sensor (*) I. Kurachi KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
24 Construction of comprehensive cooperatives for improvement of atomic layer processing technologies Y. Shimogaki U. Tokyo AIST
GREEN / energy / environment
25 Development of the photocatalytic materials for drinking water purification in developing countries (*) N. Negishi AIST U. Tsukuba
26 Study for development of high-performance organic redox flow battery considering resource, cost and safety (*) E. Sato AIST U. Tokyo
27 Feasibility study for design of innovative materials for secondary batteries based on synchrotron radiation X-ray analysis (*) E. Hosono AIST U. Tsukuba, KEK
28 Basic Science for Mobile Power Generator (*) Y. Moritomo U.Tsukuba AIST, KEK
29 Construnction of Fused Meterial Science toward Resolution of Environmental and Energy Problems (*) T. Kojima U.Tsukuba AIST, KEK
30 Innovation for Pt-free carbon catalysts in fuel cells (*) J. Nakamura U.Tsukuba NIMS, KEK
31 High performance thermal electricity - creation and analysis using quantum beam - (*) T. Kamiyama KEK U. Tsukuba
32 Quantum Partition Project (*) Y. Tanaka AIST NIMS
33 Advanced semiconductor plasma processing by integrating process measurements and computer science S. Nunomura AIST U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
34 Risk communication to residents of Fukushima accident using portable soil contamination detector (*) H. Iwase KEK U. Tokyo
35 Study of specific properties on high energy secondary particle field T. Sanami KEK AIST
36 Hydrogen scienceby advancement of hydrogen observation harmonizing with computational science T. Otomo KEK AIST, NIMS,U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
37 Sensing for super-weak signals - useful technologies for our life, society, and industry (*) M. Hasegawa KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
Material science / processing
38 Tsukuba-Kashiwa-Hongo Superconductivity Kakehashi Project (*) T. Terashima NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
39 Challenge to advanced inert surface: Research to realize extremely low reactivity surfaces, Materials, Processing technology and investigation of Measurement technology A. Itakura NIMS AIST, KEK
40 Development of super-highly efficient synthesis of electrochromic supramolecular polymer based on machine learning (*) M. Higuchi NIMS AIST, KEK, U. Tokyo
41 Research study on high-pressure structural property in nitrides and related materials toward the development of high-density super hard materials (*) H. Yusa NIMS AIST, U. Tsukuba, KEK, U. Tokyo
42 TIA Collaboration for International Research Consortium on Optical Materials and Technologies (*) Y. Yamamoto U.Tsukuba AIST
43 Study of Central Dogma of High-Tcsuperconductors T. Kashiwagi U. Tsukuba KEK
44 Innovative development of evacuation technology by non evaporative getter coating (*) K. Mase KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba, U. Tokyo
45 towards Irradiation Center of Giant Cluster Ions (*) K. Takayama KEK AIST, U. Tsukuba
Basic research
46 Development of communication training system J. Izawa U.Tsukuba AIST
47 Experimental data analysis by assimilating simulation data (*) T. Ozaki U.Tokyo U. Tsukuba, KEK
AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute for Materials Science
KEK: High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
U. Tsukuba: University of Tsukuba
U. Tokyo: University of Tokyo