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Projects and activities of TIA


  • Integrated Photonics-Electronics Convergence System Technology
  • Vertically Integrated Center for Technologies of Optical Routing toward Ideal Energy Savings
  • Minimal Fab
  • Development on low-latency AI-computing technology using low-power and nonvolatile FPGA core
  • Energy-efficient computing with algorithm embedded hardware enabled by via-switch

  • Tsukuba Power Electronics Constellations (TPEC)
  • Applied Superconductivity Constellations of Tsukuba (ASCOT)
  • Project for the Promotion to the Commercialization of High-temperature superconductivity
  • SCR power electronics line (SPEL)

  • Learning based Smart Sensing System
  • MEMS taste sensor for robots


  • CNT alliance consortium / Team of application for carbon nanotubes composites (TACC)

  • TIA Graduate School
  • Nanotech Career-up Alliance (Nanotech CUPAL)

  • AIST open research platform
    • ANCF - AIST Naocharacterization Facility
    • CRAVITY - Clean Room for Analog & Digital superconductiVITY
    • BRP - Battery Research Platform
    • NPF - Nano-Processing Facility
    • Bio - Advanced Bio-measurement Facility
    • SCR - Super cleanroom
    • MEMS Foundry (TKB-812)
  • Takeda Sentanchi Building Supercleanroom


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