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  TIA establishes and advances three types of platforms based on its accumulated resources, such as large and advanced facilities and equipment, long-history research results, intellectual properties, knowhow, and human resources.
  Various activities are being carried out, for example national R&D projects run by companies, technology research associations, or R&D consortiums, as well as research collaboration, open research facilities, research and technology training, lectures, and summer schools.
  In the phase 2 (Fy2015‐19), TIA aims its growth by improving user convenience with one‐stop services in collaboration contract, open access of facilities, and human resource development, taking project planning and marketing in collaboration with public investors, and branding with international alliances.

System and integration platform

Nanoelectronics Power electronics MEMS
AIST's SCR and other facilities for empirical evaluation of Si devices, accumulation of knowledge on Si device research Accumulation of knowledge based on AIST's long-term research on SiC in the TPEC framework, R&D facility Accumulation of knowledge on 200/300-mm integrated MEMS prototype foundry and on MEMS research operated by AIST and MNOIC
(MEMS: Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)

Advanced Material Platform

Nano-GREEN Carbon nanotubes
Accumulation of experience in materials research that aims at environmental/energy technology breakthrough, advanced R&D facility CNT mass production demonstration facility, safety evaluation, accumulation of knowledge on composite materials research

Basic resource platform

Light/quantum measurement Human resource development Open research facilities
Large characterization facilities including KEK's photon factory, accumulation of knowledge on characterization technologies research Human resource development such as Nanotech CUPAL, Summer Open Festival and the launch of degree programs Formation of a nationwide facility sharing network using the core institutes’ advanced facilities, sharing knowledge acquired in these facilities and through the nanotechnology platform