ISS 2018 Program

Plenary Lecture

Dec.12 (Wed.) Plenary Lecture Main Convention Hall

Chairperson: Atsutaka Maeda (The University of Tokyo)

PL1-INV 9:30–10:10

10th Anniversary of High Tc Iron-based Superconductors: What we learned

*Hideo Hosono1

Tokyo Institute of Technology1

Chairperson:Mitsuho Furuse (AIST)

PL2-INV 10:10–10:50

Recent Topics and Future Prospects of Superconducting Joints Connecting HTS Materials

*Jun-ichi Shimoyama1

Aoyama Gakuin University1

Chairperson:Naoyuki Amemiya (Kyoto University)

PL3-INV 10:50–11:30

Superconducting Technology for Future Aircraft Electric Propulsion

*Hiroyuki Ohsaki1

Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo, Japan1

Dec.13 (Thu.) Plenary Lecture Main Convention Hall

Chairperson: Yoshiyuki Yoshida (AIST)

PL4-INV 9:00–9:40

High Temperature Superconductors for High Field Magnets

*David C Larbalestier1

Applied Superconductivity Center, Florida State University, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee FL, USA1

Chairperson:Naoyuki Amemiya (Kyoto University)

PL5-INV 9:40–10:20

A Snapshot of Superconductivity Activities in the United States

*Bruce P. Strauss1

U. S. Department of Energy1

Dec.14 (Fri.) Plenary Lecture Main Convention Hall

Chairperson: Mutsuo Hidaka (AIST)

PL6-INV 9:00–9:40

Superconducting quantum-classical information processing systems

*Oleg Mukhanov1,2