ISS 2018 Program

ED: Electronic Devices -December 14

Dec. 14 (Fri.) Electronic Devices Room 202


Chairpersons: Bin Wei (Tsinghua University) and Naoto Sekiya (Yamanashi University)

ED6-1-INV 13:00–13:25

Recent progress of Chinese high-Tc superconductor filter to practical use

*Bin Wei1

State Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Quantum Physics, Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijin, China1

ED6-2-INV 13:25–13:50

Wireless Power Transmission Technology using High-Tc Superconducting Wire

*Yoon Do Chung1, Chang Young Lee2, Eun Young Park3

Suwon Science College, Korea1
Korea Railroad Research Institute, Korea2
Korea Christian University, Korea3

ED6-3-INV 13:50–14:15

Novel high-Tc superconducting wire for high quality factor at high-frequency and its applications

*Naoto Sekiya1, Shinya Kobayashi1

University of Yamanashi1

ED6-4-INV 14:15–14:40

Superconducting submicron-CPW resonators for on-chip THz filterbank

*Masato Naruse1, Ken'ichi Karatsu2,3, Alejandro Pascual Laguna2,3, Ozan Yurduseven2, David J. Thoen2,4, Vignesh Murugesan3, Jochem J. A. Baselmans2,3, Akira Endo2,4

Graduate School of Science and Technology, Saitama University, Japan1
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Delft Univ. of Technology, the Netherlands2
SRON-Netherlands Institute for Space Research, the Netherlands3
Kavli Inst. of NanoScience, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft Univ. of Tech., the Netherlands4