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ISS2017: Detailed Program
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December 13

9:3011:30 Plenary lectures

12:3016:15 Oral sessions (PC1, WB1–WB2, ED1–ED2, AP1)

16:0018:00 Poster session (PCP1–PCP4, WBP1–WBP9, APP1–APP6)

17:0018:15 International panel discussion “ISS in the future”

18:3019:10 30th Anniversary celebration “Get together for ISS 30th anniversary”

19:1020:30 Banquet

December 14

9:009:40, 13:00–13:40 Plenary lectures

10:0012:00, 14:00–19:15 Parallel oral sessions (PC2–PC4, WB3–WB6, ED3–ED5, AP2–AP4)

12:05-12:55 Domestic lunch meeting “ISS in the future”

December 15

9:00 9:40 Plenary lecture

10:0015:30 Parallel oral sessions (PC5, WB7–WB9, ED6, AP5)

13:4515:45 Poster session (PCP5–PCP8, EDP1–EDP2, APP7–APP9, LNP)

15:4517:00 Late news (oral) and Closing session

ISS2017 abstracts

Abstracts of ISS2017 can be downloaded below:
Physics and Chemistry (PC), Wires and Bulk (WB), Electronic Devices (ED), Large Scale System Applications (AP), Plenary Lecture and Late News (PL & LN)