ISS 2017 Program

PC: Physics and Chemistry -December 13

Dec. 13 (Wed.) Physics and Chemistry  Room A1

30-year history of ISS / Vortex physics
Chairperson: Atsutaka Maeda (The University of Tokyo) and Ulrich Welp (Argonne National Laboratory)

PC1-1-INV 12:30–13:00
High-Tc Research Over Thirty Years: Beyond The Common Knowledge of Superconductivity
*Setsuko Tajima1

Graduate School of Science, Osaka University1

PC1-2-INV 13:00–13:30
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy as a Tool for Superconductivity Research
*Tetsuo Hanaguri1

RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, Japan1

PC1-3-INV  13:30–14:00
Angle-Resolved Heat Capacity of Unconventional Superconductors
*Toshiro Sakakibara1

Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo1

     Coffee break 14:00–14:30

PC1-4-INV 14:30–15:00
What is the lowest possible vortex creep in superconductors, and how can we achieve it?
*Leonardo Civale1

Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA1

PC1-5  15:00–15:15
Detecting changes in the vortex configuration associated with dynamic ordering and disordering
*Mihaly Dobroka1, Koichiro Ienaga1, Shin’ichi Kaneko1, Satoshi Okuma1

Tokyo Institute of Technology1

PC1-6 15:15–15:30
Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Melting Transition of Vortex Matter in Nano-Sized Superconductors
*Masaru Kato1, Osamu Sato2

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan1
Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology2