ISS 2017 Program

Panel discussion and Domestic lunch meeting

Dec. 13 (Wed.) International Panel discussion Room C   17:00–18:15

ISS in the future
Naoyuki Amemiya (KyotoUniversity)

Horst Rogalla  (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Eric Hellstrom (Florida State University)
Pascal Tixador (Grenoble Institute of Technology)
Hiroyuki Osaki (University of Tokyo)
Setsuko Tajima (Osaka University)
Toshihiko Kanayama (AIST)

This year, the ISS has the 30th anniversary. With all our great efforts, the HTS are still not able to contribute enough to our society. In view of this situation, we plan a panel discussion in the ISS2017, which will be a good chance to have honest opinions from stakeholders of this community. We would like to discuss under a title of “ISS in the future”.

  Frequency of the ISS
  The Venue
  Relationship with Academic Society/Conference of Superconductivity.
  Publication of IS

Dec. 13 (Wed.) 30th Anniversary celebration & Banquet

Get together for ISS 30th anniversary
Room A3   18:30–19:10
We have a celebration for the 30th anniversary of ISS. Congratulatory addresses from government official, university professor, company executive, etc. will be delivered. Every participant can join. Free drinks are served.

Room A1+A2   19:10–20:30
Registration is needed to participate (\5,000/person).

Dec. 14 (Thu.) Domestic lunch meeting Room A3   12:05–12:55

ISS in the future (in Japanese)