ISS 2017 Program

Plenary Lecture

Dec.13 (Wed.) Plenary Lecture Hall

Opening address  9:25–9:30
Toshihiko Kanayama
Fellow, AIST

Chairperson: Hiroshi Eisaki (AIST)

PL1-INV 9:30–10:10
30 years of superconductivity in molecular solids
*Kosmas Prassides1
Tohoku University, Japan1

Chairperson: Hiroaki Kumakura (NIMS)

PL2-INV 10:10–10:50
Status Of Long Length MgB2 Wire Manufacturing After a Decade Of Industrial Production
*Giovanni Grasso1
Columbus Superconductors srl, Genova, ITALY1

Chairperson: Mitsuho Furuse (AIST)

PL3-INV  10:50–11:30
The near future power grid in TEPCO and superconducting applied technology
*Tomoo Mimura1
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Japan1

    Lunch Break 11:30–12:30

Dec.14 (Thu.) Plenary Lecture Hall

Chairperson: Yoshiyuki Yoshida (AIST)

PL4-INV 9:00–9:40
R&D of applied superconductivity by a small business: experiences and future perspective
*Donald M Pooke1, Mike Fee1, Taotao Huang1, Vadim Chamritski1, Matt Christian1

    AP Special Session and Lunch Break 10:00–13:00

Chairperson: Takanobu Kiss (Kyushu University)

PL5-INV 13:00–13:40
Recent Progress in the Development of Superconducting Wires in the U.S.A
*Timothy J. Haugan1

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Aerospace Systems Directorate, USA1

    WB Special Session at the conference Room A2 14:00–16:30

Dec.15 (Fri.) Plenary Lecture Hall

Chairperson: Masataka Ohkubo (AIST)

PL6-INV 9:00–9:40
30 Years of History and Future Perspectives of Superconducting Electronics
*Horst Rogalla1,2

University of Colorado, ECEE Department, Boulder, USA1
NIST Boulder, Superconductive Electronics Group, USA2

    ED Special Session at the conference Room C 10:00–12:30