ISS 2017 Program

ED: Electronic Devices -December 15

Dec. 15 (Fri.) Electronic Devices Room C

30-year history and beyond
Chairperson: Horst Rogalla (Colorado University/NIST) and Mutsuo Hidaka (AIST)

ED6-1-INV 10:00–10:30
The SQUID and its Applications in the Past 30 Years
*Risto J Ilmoniemi1

Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto University School of Science1

ED6-2-INV 10:30–11:00
Superconducting Detectors: the Past 30 Years and Future Prospects
*Joel N Ullom1,2

University of Colorado, USA2

ED6-3-INV  11:00–11:30
A Thirty-Year History of Superconducting Microwave Devices and Fundamental Studies Thereof
*Shigetoshi Ohshima1

Yamagata University1

ED6-4-INV 11:30–12:00
Cryogenic Digital Electronics – Challenges for Practical Use –
*Akira Fujimaki1, Masamitsu Tanaka1

Nagoya University, Japan1

ED6-5-INV  12:00–12:30
Coherent superconducting circuits and quantum information – 30 years’ advancements
*Jaw-Shen Tsai1,2

Tokyo University of Science1