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For Participants

Poster Presentation

Instructions for Poster Presentation

Only papers presented by authors are considered for publication in the proceedings. The attendance should be confirmed by chairpersons of the poster session.
The available space is 90 cm wide and 210 cm high. Please mount your material on the panel that your presentation ID is posted on. All the material should be described in English. Captions are required for all figures, photographs and tables. Thumbtacks will be available from the symposium secretariat.

Schedule for poster presentations
December 13 December 15
Mounting 14:30–16:00 12:30–14:00
Poster session 16:00–18:00 14:00–16:00
Removing 18:00–18:30 16:00–16:30


If you want to withdraw your presentation for some reasons, please inform the ISS2016 secretariat in advance.

Notice: No photography and no video are allowed for presentation materials (posters).