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General Information

Ancillary Meetings

  1. (December 12 and 16) Educational Seminars on Superconductivity (in Japanese)
    ASCOT will hold seminars on superconductivity to foster young researchers who may become future experts in this field.

Related Conferences and Meetings

  1. (November 7–10) Asian ICMC-CSSJ50
    As a golden jubilee celebration for the Cryogenic and Superconductivity Society of Japan (CSSJ) a joint conference, the first Asian ICMC and CSSJ 50th anniversary conference, will be held.
  2. (November 14–17) 3rd International Workshop on Superconducting Sensors and Detectors
    IWSSD is the biennial international workshop on superconducting sensors and detectors, and provides a forum for scientists, engineers, and students in application of low Tc and high Tc superconductivity to sensors and detectors. The 3rd IWSSD will take place as a joint workshop with 5th CRAVITY symposium in Tsukuba, Japan, Nov. 14-17, 2016.