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 The Superconductivity Constellations of Tsukuba (ASCOT) website (hereinafter referred to as "this site" is operated by ASCOT Secretariat established within AIST. Please acknowledge the following items and use this site.

1.Copyright Notice

 All the information (text, illustrations, photographs etc.) posted on this site are in principle copyrighted by AIST and subject to AIST's copyright. This site itself is also subject to copyright as an editorial work, and both are protected under the Copyright Act of Japan and through international treaties. However, if there are authors other than this site, such as some copyrighted works produced by outsourcing parties, the copyright belongs to each author.
 Except for acts permitted under the Copyright Act, such as private use or quotation, we will refuse any copying/reprinting etc. without permission by ASCOT Secretariat. (When quoting etc., please specify the source origin by an appropriate method.)

2.About Links

 Recognizing the protection of personal information is ASCOT (Applied Superconductivity Constellations of Tsukuba) 's social responsibility. ASCOT complies with related laws and regulations and promote the implementation of the following procedures.

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